SYRIZA says it wants a referendum on fiscal stability pact, not euro

The Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) on Tuesday claimed its positions are being misrepresented, in response to recent media reports suggesting that it is promoting a referendum on the euro in case a renegotiation of the memorandum (bailout terms) fails.


A statement issued by SYRIZA underlined that “a systematically attempted misrepresentation of its positions has as the only purpose to salvage the pro-memorandum forces and the policy that deconstructs the European Union and tears European societies apart.”


The statement underlined that the referendum suggested for months by SYRIZA concerns the Fiscal Stability Pact, adding that such a referendum will soon be held in Ireland.


“We repeat that for SYRIZA there is no question of a Greek exit from the eurozone. Those who lead the country out of the euro and dissolve the eurozone are the fervent supporters of the Memorandum policies,” the statement stressed.


“The only ones who have suggested holding a referendum on Greece’s presence in the eurozone are (former Prime Minister George) Papandreou and (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel, in essence, blackmailing the Greek people who do not see fiscal austerity and the memorandum measures as the only way,” the SYRIZA statement concluded.


Meanwhile, the target for SYRIZA in the June 17 elections is first place with a considerable increase in its vote percentage and in Parliament seats, one that will permit it to form a coalition government with leftist forces, according to a decision by the Coalition of the Left’s (Synaspismos) central committee in Sunday’s conference. The decision was publicised on Tuesday.