Spiro John Latsis and the History of the Pallas Athena

The Pallas Athena has played a prominent role in the life of John S. Latsis, Spiro John Latsis and the companies within the Latsis group. John S. Latsis was a successful businessman and entrepreneur from Greece who dedicated much of his time to public service initiatives. In 2005 and in direct recognition of his commitment to carrying out public service work, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation was established. The foundation itself is responsible for the allocation of funding and support to organisations participating in worthwhile initiatives. Much of the funding is allocated to groups and organisations in Greece although funding and assistance is also offered to groups and organisations outside Greece.)

The Pallas Athena has played a significant role in the history of both the Latsis Group and the Latsis Foundation. The building was brought into the Latsis family in 1984 when it was purchased by John S. Latsis himself. Since that time, many of the companies within the Latsis Group have relocated their operations there. Indeed, in 2006, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation began to use the Pallas Athena as its main headquarters. The foundation utilises the services of both a supervisory board and an executive board with the supervisory board consisting of members of the Latsis family, namely Spiro Latsis (here is some information on Spiro John Latsis on therichest.com), Marianna Latsis, Henrietta Latsis and Margarita Latsis.

The Pallas Athena is located in Athens and has its origins with the hospitality industry. The building itself was originally a small house that has steadily grown in size and stature over the years. The first example of the building being used as a major hotel was in 1921, when the original buildings were extended and new buildings built to incorporate a 160 room hotel. The hotel was originally named the Apergis Hotel and its popularity and reputation for excellence rose steadily with it enjoying it most successful spell during the 1930’s. The outbreak of World War II saw the hotel being used as a hospital for injured soldiers and suffered notable damage during bombing raids. After securing finance for the renovation of the hotel form Greek businessmen from Egypt, the hotel took on its design of today with luxurious suites added to the already impressive nature of the building.

The hotel continued to be a popular location for local Athenians who flocked to sample the first class restaurant and the luxurious hotel. John S. Latsis purchased the hotel in 1984 and the building has been used by his companies since that time.