Greek shipowners sign voluntary tax treaty to aid country’s effort to exit financial crisis

Greek shipowners signed a voluntary agreement with the country’s government under which they will further support Greece’s effort to exit the ongoing financial crisis over the next three years. 

441 shipping companies owning a total of 2.769 vessels will double the taxes they pay the Greek state annually which currently stands at around EUR 75 million.

The agreement was signed Thursday evening at the Maximos Mansion.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras expressed his gratitude for the shipping community’s voluntary agreement, noting that “this contribution is touching and proves that, shipping has always been a national champion, a force of patriotism, in all the critical, tough periods of the nation”.

Greek Shipowners Union Chairman Theodoros Veniamis noted the tremendous effort undertaken by the Union in order to bring all involved parties together, under this deal, whether they are members of the Union, or not.